Thursday, 16 February 2012

My 'Firsts'

I have been tagged in a meme by  and who are all wonderful writers and I just love reading their blogs.  So here are my ‘firsts’ !

First Boyfriend?

Ah now him I remember with clarity ! We were 12 yrs old and got 'together' at the school disco, you know with Madonna belting out 'Like A Virgin' and with me wearing a black/white checked ra ra skirt ! He was called Simon and was really 'hot' ! He swam for the local swimming club ( I still have a newspaper cutting of him in his trunks, tucked away in my 1983 diary ! ) We spent a glorious Summer together which involved copious amounts of 'snogging', bike rides and watching a decidedly dodgy copy of the Exorcist video, with Simon fiddling almost constantly with the tracking and me ! Until that is it all went pear shaped........For some ridiculous reason I decided to 'treat him mean' but sadly it didn't keep him keen and he ran off with/back to his best mate, who quite plainly played a far better game of footie than me !
Suffice to say, I learnt just how fiercely painful unrequited teenage love can be and spent the next 2 years watching him from a distance with an aching lust , whilst he 'went out' with another girl from school. To this day I still sometimes dream about him and wonder where he is..........

First person I kissed?

Are we talking proper full on french snog with tongues ? or pillow kissing ?! Ok , the full snog and all the awkwardness that it entailed was with a boy called Glen. I must have been about 10 yrs old ....I know I know very young, and although I'm a Posh Bird I was a bit of a tease as a kid ! It took place in a garden shed , not sure if it was his shed or mine ? but it did involve giggling, slurpy noises and bike handle bars digging into places I'd rather not mention. All in all I'd say it was beyond successful and opened my eyes to the wonder that is 'puckering up' !

First job?

Having left school at 16 I opted for a YTS scheme which had me working for an Insurance Company in my home town, giving motor insurance quotes. I can't deny that it was a right laugh, seeing as there were only 3 of us, with the manager being only 20 herself. Some work was done but only when the phone rang and required answering, or the door bell tinkled and an actual customer needed serving. It was whilst working here that I listened daily to the heart wrenching 'Our Tune' with Simon Bates and everything stopped at 11am as we all grabbed tissues and sniffed through the next 10 minutes !

First pay packet? What did you buy with it?

A whopping £26.50 from said Insurance Company, and after paying keep to my Mum of about a tenner I think?, the rest went towards a train ticket from Norwich to London. I had moved on finally from the ravishing Simon and had found myself a boyfriend in London! Most weekends were spent either on the train to London and back or waiting for the train carrying him to arrive !

First CD you remember buying?

I'm gonna cheat here just because it's my post and I can !
First Album I remember buying ?

This was U2's Unforgettable Fire ! I was obsessed with this band , fancied the drummer Larry like you wouldn't believe and had the usual books, albums and posters of them, like any normal tortured teen. To this day I cannot listen to The Unforgettable Fire track without being transported back in time, and getting goose bumps and shivers.....!

First holiday abroad?

I think I'm right in saying it was Florida aged 14/15 ?? or could have been Norway aged 15/16?? Not sure which one was first ! Both were great, if completely different and although it is nice to have done the whole Disney thing , if  I were to choose now I'd re-visit Norway. Those woolly cardigans are just a look I can 'rock' and ever so warm too ;)

What age were you when you moved out of your parents’ home?

I turned 17 in the December and by the following March I had packed up all my stuff, loaded it into a white van and jumped in the passenger seat with my boyfriend driving, and buggered off to London. I couldn't wait to escape. Not because I hated home life, more our little insular town. With it's limited excitement , lack of opportunities and well quite frankly in-bred inhabitants !  London was by comparison another world and I loved it ! I was skint but it didn't matter, ate mainly tuna and pasta and I spent all my time either working, travelling to work or drunk. It was without doubt... perfect !

So now I get to tag in two more fellow Bloggers: ( and these are fabulous bloggers too I might add ! )

Over to you ..........


  1. Really enjoyed reading this hun! I love posts like this! x

  2. Oh I love this. You've taken me back to the days of school disco's, dodgy outfits and awkward groping behind the bike sheds! And how cool were you to leave home at 17? It took another 2 years and a place at a (crap) university to get me out of my parents house. Having written my 'firsts' I can say I'm pretty glad to have left those years behind, although I still cringe at some of the things I did. Really enjoy your writing, it always makes me smile! xx

  3. Oh my goodness, you 80s goddess you! I am honoured you have passed the 'firsts' baton to me. Do I have to answer the same questions? X

  4. U2 - One of my fav's back then too. I used to play Under a Blood Red Sky to death - but I do love the Unforgetable Fire, especially Title Track, Wire, Promenade, Bad, in fact pretty much all of it - going to go listen to it now !!!!!