So why a blog ? ....

Welcome to my blog, hopefully a place where you can share my hopes, fears, passions, fury, pain and pleasure ... all in equal measure...a place of observation, celebration and often procrastination...!!  It's not meant to be fact or fiction, just my random and often haphazard view of people and things !!!

So this is me, doing what I do best... watching, thinking, purusing and observing people and life... these are my thoughts from the safety of the living room window... this is my v

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  1. Hello you. What a long time has passed?! How are things? I haven't been getting your blog posts emailed to me - even though I'm signed up to your site. Any clues?!! Book going okay, 50000 words and counting. Should be back in the world of cyber space by the end of the month. So will make a beeline for you. Sending much love and all that, xx