Monday, 28 November 2011

‘Table for one, Madame? ’ … HELL YES!

God, I realise that I must be in a minority, but I do just love Monday mornings! Now I know most people don’t and to be honest that’s not surprising, as for them it’s the start of the working week, but for me it’s just a wonderful time. For me it’s a time to cherish and to regroup from the weekend, to relish the stillness of my house, the peace and quiet and the fact it’s now just me and Doris to keep each other company.  Of course and without doubt, I adore my family, but sometimes, just sometimes, the noise, bickering and occasional out and out ‘war’ wears me down in the way a toddler high on smarties would!

Still every weekend I try to succeed at being an accomplished wife, parent, cook and all of my other various roles and so to that end, the pinnacle of our weekend is our Sunday Lunch/ Dinner.
Regardless of what it’s called in your world, I’m sure it’s not just me that aspires to producing a glorious meal for my picture perfect family to all sit down together and enjoy!
I know there are statistics out there and so called experts who champion the importance of eating together as a family, but I wonder have they actually ever tried it. I mean, not just in theory, but actually in ‘real life’ with proper kids…. well in this case, my kids! Or could it be that all the research carried out on this subject has been conducted in a top-secret laboratory somewhere off the coast of Russia, using computer-generated children, whose moods, reactions and behaviours, unlike mine, could at least be slightly predictable?

Friday, 25 November 2011

Ding Dong Doris on High!

Many of my friends think I’m crazy for putting up my Christmas tree in November, but it is without doubt my most favourite time of the year. The twinkle of the fairy lights, sparkly decorations and the smell from the mulled wine scented candles fills my house. In doing so it gives me a feeling of warmth and cosiness that no other time of the year can match.

So why dear god am I stressed beyond belief and ready to dismantle the tree and rip down the lights before it’s even been up a week?


One word…. Doris! She is our super cute kitty, all soft and squishy. She’s a picture purrfect cat and looks just like Felix from the advert. However beneath the adorable face with elegant, elongated whiskers and the soft angelic mewing sound she makes (when she wants something), lies a most fearsome creature not nearly as far removed from her lion ancestors as we first thought.

Usually I can handle the random unprovoked attacks that come from under the bed, where my ankles bear the brunt of her pointy little claws and sharp catty teeth. Or the way she leaps from the top of the fridge like ninja cat and lands on the worktop with a delicate thud and a conceited look on her face; as I jump and squeal in shock. But now I think she’s pushed it one step too far!

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Am I made of ‘The Wright Stuff’?....

As I climb into bed tonight with a ridiculous smile on my face, and reflect upon my unusual day; I’m reminded of a couple of expressions people often say in life.
‘Do something that scares you every day’ and ‘Well think of it as a good deed’.

Today (my unusual day) I did both! 
Every week day morning I flick on channel five for the Wright Stuff. Sometimes I listen giving it my full attention, for if truth be known I have a gigantic crush on Matthew Wright! Other times it just plays in the background whilst I go about my day to day life. But hearing the first topic of debate was about Christmas (all my friends know of my absolute love and infantile excitement of Christmas!), I found myself doing the unimaginable…well for me anyway!

I don’t really understand why or how I ended up calling into the show and speaking to the very friendly researchers, who after deciding I had something interesting to say put me ‘live on air’ to Matthew!

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Wish you were here....

We’re packed! Tickets, passports, magazines, baby wipes, boiled sweets, colouring books, crayons and wallet are all safely ensconced in my hand luggage and we’re off to the airport on our holiday. Now we all look forward to our annual summer holiday with the excitement of a dog that’s discovered the remains of a big mac on the side of the road! But does it actually live up to the glossy brochure promise and can it ever be anything other than the usual trials and tribulations of family life, with the only difference being that hopefully the sun is shining and two of you have developed the runs?

The airport check- in is our first port of call and also the first cause of stress. Let’s assume the queue isn’t too bad and that most other travellers have been conned into paying for online check- in, hence leaving it clear for me and mine to glide through with ease. If we’re on an early flight then I’m already at a disadvantage by not looking my best, having woken at 3am in order to get the kids ready, feed the cat, triple check the bags and give ourselves an extra 30 mins just in case the taxi fails to turn up. So being met by a glamorous check in girl, with perfect make up, chalk white teeth and a fixed grin, isn’t a great start.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

All I Want For the starring role !

Well it’s that time of the year again, the kids are back at school after Autumn Half Term and already the buzz of the impending Christmas play has begun! 
Which play will be chosen? Those of us who have an older child, who went to the same school, will be more than familiar with the repetitive loop of plays that do the rounds every 3-4 years! We even remember some of the songs and still have the costumes in a dusty box somewhere amongst the Halloween decs , baby clothes and ‘car boot sale’ stuff that’s never been near a boot! 

Rumours of the specific roles up for grab, solo singing slots and the auditioning process is rife throughout the playground and in fact I think is healthy competitiveness. In today’s world where school life seems devoid of anything involving competition, it’s rather nice to see the most confident, talented kids thrive! After all that is what ‘real life’ is actually about isn’t it? And besides who really wants to watch a performance where the script is re-written so every child has a speaking part in the interest of fairness, regardless of whether they want it or not? ! 

Monday, 14 November 2011

Village Life - The School Run

So my village, my neurotic, idyllic, quaint, hostile little village, it shimmers with grace and beauty but in equal measure harbours fears, uncertainty and doubt. It's a perfect parodox of life today.. I love and loathe my village in equal measure from the pub to the park, people to the past, daily it tests my strength and rewards my persistence.. but some challanges are harder than others... 

Now the hub of all daily life for a young the school gates! Now this is an evil place if ever there was one, but one which I’m duty bound to frequent twice a day. But not just twice a day, in fact twice a day for 5 days a week, 50 weeks a year for 6 long, long, long years... but for me, seeing as I’ve fallen into the trap of taking my child to school rather than making her walk, it’s one I must continue to endure. It’s not the walking for her that worries me as that would take ten minutes... it’s the day long worry a mum has to face wondering if their little lad or lady actually got there!!

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

So why a blog....

Welcome to my blog, hopefully a place where you can share my hopes, fears, passions, fury, pain and pleasure ... all in equal measure...a place of observation, celebration and often procrastination...!!  It's not meant to be fact or fiction, just my random and often haphazard view of people and things !!!

So this is me, doing what I do best... watching, thinking, purusing and observing people and life... these are my thoughts from the safety of the living room window... this is my view of my world...I hope you enjoy!!