Friday, 17 February 2012

What's on your MP3 Player?

The lovely tagged me in a meme yonks ago ( sorry ) ! I have finally got my bum in gear and completed it....not sure it was worth the wait though ?!!
So, what's it all about?
You have to put your MP3 player on shuffle and confess which five songs play first.
This could actually be very embarrassing!
So... Here goes!

U2- Unforgetable Fire truly awesome song ......           

Then Jerico - Big Area just adore this ......            

LMFAO - Sexy and I Know It! I'm so good at the dance ;)....       

Arctic Monkeys Alex Turner - Suck it and See - could eat this guy on a butty he's so cool!....         

Justin Bieber Baby! just because he's cute ;)!         

Phew that really wasn't so bad ! Now to tag some other lovely ladies who also know how to rock out !


  1. Haha I am so on doing this, although it's not so much my ipod as my phone ;D x

  2. I used to love Then Jerico. Will have to see if they're on Spotify, probably still know all the words.