Thursday, 4 July 2013

I'm Glad It Was Me!

I know it's been AGES since I've blogged! So to inspire me I decided to read through some of the stories my daughter has written, she's 10yrs old . I've published a couple of hers before and thought I'd share this latest one, she wrote about our rescue dog. The story below was her entry into this years 500 words competition for BBC Radio 2. It is the second time she's entered and the second time she's come nowhere! But hey, maybe it'll be third time lucky in 2014?!

I’m Glad It Was Me!

Hello! My name is Kip, I’m a Border Collie and this is my true story . . .

It was just another day at the dog’s home. Waking up again, at the usual time to Elvis next door howling his head off. It’s not his fault though, it’s just what his breed does. I started to prepare myself for the parade of families, who would soon pass by, looking for their new best friend. I went through my checklist, cute puppy dog eyes . . . check, one ear straight, one ear floppy . . . check, sad looking face . . . check. Oh and also, I licked all of my fur, twice, to make it sparkly clean. Then reality hit me that it will probably be the same old story, that all of the lovely looking families just walk straight past me and take one of the posh dogs like a cockadoodle poo or something. It’s not my fault I’m an energetic sheep dog, who needs hours of walking each day.

In they came, one by one, past they went, one by one. Then finally, it happened, a family stopped! But then walked past. But then came back! I pricked up one ear and tilted my head, irresistibly cute to any dog lover. They were saying how they loved that I had one ear straight and one ear floppy and how cute my sad looking face was and my cute puppy dog eyes. Practice makes perfect I thought! THUMP! THUMP! The beat of my heart was overpowering my whole body with excitement. I had never had a second viewing before! Keep calm and carry on I whispered to myself, as my hopes rose. But it was no use. In case you didn’t know, dogs are pants at playing it cool, we wear our hearts on our paws, unlike cats. HOW DO THEY DO IT?

Suddenly, my tail started to lash uncontrollably from side to side, then I jumped up at the bars without even realising. They looked perfect for me, one full size human and two small humans all loving my gorgeous look. Then my heart skipped a beat as they started talking about ‘Dad’. ‘Will Dad like him?’ ‘What will Dad say if we take him home?’ ‘Dad said we should get a small, posh dog that doesn’t need much walking’. Who is this Dad? I thought. Do I want to go and live with Dad?

Then it finally happened! ‘We’ll take him!’ they announced happily. There was no option but for me to run madly around the cage, tail wagging ridiculously, silly noises coming from my mouth, jumping at the bars. That was as cool as I could get!

Anyway, as I’m sat here writing this story, today with Dad annoying me by constantly stroking me and wanting to play with me, one thing keeps going round my mind.
When this family came to the dog shelter that day and adopted a dog, I’m glad it was me!