Saturday, 31 December 2011

Resolutions for 2012 & Beyond ...Well Maybe !

Well as I sit here on the eve of New Year 2012 I'm thinking how sad and down in the dumps I am ! I hate New Years Eve, always have to be honest. You see I love Christmas so much that Dec 31st just reminds me that all the sparkle, excitement and anticipation of Christmas is over and done with ! January has always felt like the start of another long haul, back to work, school, college, rubbish weather and 'normal' food and drink ( I want champagne and chocolates and twiglets ALL YEAR ROUND ! ) Then there's the world and their (puggle) dog banging on about New Years Resolutions ! Am I interested? NO ! Do I think you'll all more than likely fail at keeping them...YES.  Do I ever make any...NEVER ! But then I begin to wonder...... what if I make resolutions which I may have a fighting chance of actually sticking to, then I will be able to make 2012 my year of achievement and champion myself as an example to all others who fail to keep theirs ! So here you go and after much consideration I came up with my list ( approximately 10 mins whilst sipping coffee in Krispy Kreme Doughnuts)

  1. Maintain my current weight albeit 3-4 lbs over the 'ideal' for my height ! I am refusing to diet and torture myself, I'm too old to deny myself the lovely yummy things that I enjoy. Besides I received a Christmas card from my local curry house, one of the few 'actual' cards that was posted through my door and not sent via e-mail. I'm not giving that up, and if I stop visiting them on a Sat night, I'll definitely be off the 2012 card list !
  2. Drink more alcohol ! I'm only little about 5ft and I always find myself thinking it doesn't take much to get me drunk, but have I really tried ? No ! I am so gonna give it a proper go next year. I reckon if I practice I'll be able to hold much more than 3 rum and diet cokes and not fall over or throw up ! Besides if everything in the world is either animal, vegetable or mineral and alcohol is definitely not animal or mineral, then it has to be a vegetable and therefore one of your five a day..... along with fruit pastels !
  3. Cancel my gym membership ! It will come as no surprise to you that I hardly ever go and even when I do it's only to meet Mr Poshbird after he's played squash. So by cancelling I can save myself £35 per month and all the extra cash I spend drinking coffee in the gym cafe.
  4. Continue my current success at severely embarrassing my teenage daughter! I've excelled at this over 2011 and I've no idea how this has come about? As far as I can recall I haven't had to commit to early morning training sessions, restricted diets or rest days? I have been utterly brilliant at it by simply.....existing !
  5. Read less and watch more 'junk' TV ! I need to educate myself on the ins and outs of 'celebrity' lives, ie Kerry Katona, Katie Price and any other BB house mate or X Factor contestant. I've felt at such a disadvantage when reading a magazine, newspaper or watching telly and not knowing what the hell people were talking about !
  6. Spend more time with loved ones and friends......BUT NO TIME with the people I don't like or who annoy me , bore me or take advantage of me ! Life is too short and I'm not going to waste a moment of it with people who don't deserve my time and effort !
  7. ? probably not !
  8. Finally I'm going to start smoking !!!!! I've led a life of abstinence when it comes to smoking ( well most things really ) so I NEED a vice ! something to waste my money on, which allows me to take 'free' breaks at work every hour and enter the special outdoor area of the pub where the smokers have a TV outside on the wall ! I want to huddle in a wet, rainy, freezing corner puffing on my ciggy with my co-smokers and feeling like I truly belong ;)

So there you have them, my goals for 2012 ! Are they achievable ? Am I being serious? Who knows? ! However if you are going to make New Years Resolutions then I wholeheartedly wish you every success in achieving them and also my best wishes for 2012.

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  1. I LOVE your resolutions! Although, I've achieved all of these already ;) Wishing you all the best for the new year xx

  2. Haha, love it...especially the teenage daughter one. Must add that to my list!

  3. I love #6!!!

  4. I'm liking the drink more alcohol resolution. Especially if it's some a good bottle of red or ten!

  5. I live your resolutions! Especially the gym :-)) I was forced to cancel my membership by the other half, as I paid the direct debit and never went hehe...

    Happy new year lovely! And I think I will be joining you in your resolutions!! Xx

  6. Brilliant! I feel exactly the same about Christmas and new years. I LOVE Christmas and feel miserable when it's over, I wish it could be moved to the end of January to get us over the depressing winter hump. I am rebeliously hanging onto several strings of fairy lights strung around the house and garden. New Years is a looming nightmare for me, although I had a lovely time with friends this year. I think i'll take a leaf out of your book and resolve to drink more to get me through the rest of the winter :-)

  7. I love your resolutions, they really made me laugh. I'll have to start a few similar one's myself!