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‘My 2011 Highs and Lows’

The gorgeous Jude @ has kindly included me in the ‘My 2011 Highs and Lows’ as part of Kate on Thin Ice‘s Groovy Mums. So I’m delighted to have a go, some will be answered in my usual style, although others will be slightly more ‘serious’ , I think this post deserves it !
I shall tag a few lovely bloggers back, so if you read mine, please pop by theirs also :)

What was your happiest event?
Miss C
I think back and realise that my happiest event was when my eldest daughter finally left school last Summer. She attended her end of year Prom, had done well in her GCSE’s and won the school award for ‘Friendliest Girl 2011, out of roughly 200 other kids ! She looked beautiful in her dress and made me feel extremely proud and glad that I had managed to nurture her and play a part in her becoming the wonderful, funny, talented young woman that she is !

What was the saddest thing to happen?
This is very raw and new and only just came to light over Christmas. My Mother in Law, has been poorly for a while and seems to have aged tremendously over the last 6 months or so. But it now appears she could be suffering with the beginnings of dementia. She’s frail, confused and loosing weight and it’s so difficult to watch, coupled with explaining to my girls that we need to look after her more. I never saw her as ever getting any older and I know we have all taken her for granted in the past, but now it’s time to focus on being there for her, like she’s always been for us.

What was the most unlikely thing to happen that actually went ahead and did?
Starting my blog if I’m honest ! You see I’ve always wanted to write, ever since I was 10 yrs old or so, but never ever thought I could. Lack of self confidence, ideas of how to do it or how to get it ‘out there’have always held me back. Then suddenly I discovered blogging and with the encouragement and unconditional love from my best mate I took the leap. So, ok I know it’s not a massive leap ( I only have size 3 feet !) but it is my leap and without doubt one which I truly never thought I’d take !

Who let you down?
Said gorgeous daughter from the first question !! She constantly lets me down by leaving her dirty dishes in her bedroom (often cultivating cures for diseases not yet even known to man), forgetting to take her door key with her ,resulting in me having to hide one and in her partaking in a 'key' treasure hunt,as I promptly forget where I've left it ! She doesn't think about others much....well not at all really.....but I'm certain I can 'beat' this nasty trait out of her Mwahahah ! And she steals all the towels from my bathroom leaving me to dry myself on a damp flannel when I step out of the shower ! But hey I still love her !

Who supported you?
My best friends, my family and my wonderful counsellor Jayne ! ( seriously I have my very own counsellor ha ha )

Tell us one thing you learnt.
I've learnt that after years of doubting myself I finally believe I can achieve ….well anything that I set my mind to really. I’ve learnt to have confidence in myself and my opinions,  to listen to my own thoughts and feelings and stand up for myself too ! Oh and I’ve also learnt how to understand Venn Diagrams, from my 9yr old little maths geek ! I didn’t want to learn them, she strapped me to the chair and force fed me the information ! Luckily though I think I’ve nearly forgotten what they are and how to work them out ! Phew !

Tell us one thing that made you cry.
I’m always crying ! I cry at films, stories and I cried with laughter when Mr Poshbird and I went to the Comedy Store in London recently. Not because the comedians were funny but because Mr Poshbird was actually seen laughing and I got to see his teeth ! I didn't realise he had any !
But I cried the most when our cat Dave was run over about 3 months ago. He was the single most grumpy, psycho cat that ever roamed this earth but we loved him.  I dearly miss his unprovoked attacks, hissing and growling when I tried to stroke him ! RIP Dave xx
Dave xx

Tell us three things your child did to make you feel proud.
Miss C started college and also her first part time job, she’s doing well, seems happy and that makes me proud. She also gets staff discount in McDonalds and student discount in high street shops with her NUS card….could a parent be any more proud ?! Little Miss H makes me proud by just belonging to me ! She’s a delight, an easy child who is bright and clever …..ooh I love both my girls so much I wanna put them on butties and eat em up !

Tell us one thing that made you proud of yourself.
This is really really hard ?!?!

Tell us one challenge you overcame.
Sleeping on my new Hungarian Goose Down mattress topper, with goose feather duvet and pillows…..crikey this has been a tough one, but I’m so glad I persevered faced and completed the 'challenge' !

Tell us three things you would like to change about your life in 2012.
I would love to take my writing further by becoming better at it ! I know this will take lots of practise, time and effort but it excites me so I'll just have to 'go for it' ! I'd also like to learn to have a little more patience. I do realise that I can't have everything I want RIGHT NOW but that doesn't stop me from wanting and sometimes 'demanding' it ! So I vow to be more patient with others and myself.  Finally I will 'make every second of 2012 count'.( life is way too short )….well not the seconds where I’m being a moody old cow, I’m gonna forget those ones !

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  1. Sorry to hear about your mother in law and your cat :-((

    I lost my tabby car 2 year go on boxing day, you don't realise how much those furry little friends mean to you until they go away :-((

    It was a lovely post and I am very glad you took the leap into blogging as it has been lovely speaking to you! Thanks very much for the mention and I hope 2012 is a brilliant year for you!! Xx