Sunday, 18 December 2011

Festive and Forty ! ( At Albert's Shed )

A Big Thank You Albert's Shed !

So I’ve finally reached the age of  40!
And I will carry on being ‘naughty',
With a wink of an eye ;)
At the odd passer by
I’m classy but deffo not haughty !

So for dinner it’s off to The Shed,
To be spoilt and hopefully well fed!
It’s named after Albert,
So it says in the advert,
And to there from Deansgate we sped!

Having a Birthday near Christmas is tough,
And being 40 I’m no longer ‘hot stuff’!
But at Albert’s Shed they were ace,
Put a smile on my face,
They simply couldn’t do more than enough.

The service was friendly and polite,
It gave me great excitement for the impending night,
Our waitress was so sweet,
A real South African treat,
She was efficient, smiley and a delight.

The menu looked simply divine,
I perused it whilst sipping my larger and lime,
Once we’d chosen our dish,
Some picked meat, some chose fish,
I sat back and pretended I was still 39!

Albert’s food is second to none,
Delicious and tasty, never overdone,
We left suitable stuffed,
Just enough alcohol not too feel rough,
Albert’s Shed you are my number 1

So we’ll be back to see you next year,
And my gratitude for last night is sincere,
Please say thanks to your staff,
And on the Farrow’s behalf,
Accept this rhyming gift to you all as some festive cheer!







  1. Happy birthday Gorgeous! Brilliant poem, glad you had a great day x

  2. Awe thank you so much hon :) xxxx