Thursday, 24 November 2011

Am I made of ‘The Wright Stuff’?....

As I climb into bed tonight with a ridiculous smile on my face, and reflect upon my unusual day; I’m reminded of a couple of expressions people often say in life.
‘Do something that scares you every day’ and ‘Well think of it as a good deed’.

Today (my unusual day) I did both! 
Every week day morning I flick on channel five for the Wright Stuff. Sometimes I listen giving it my full attention, for if truth be known I have a gigantic crush on Matthew Wright! Other times it just plays in the background whilst I go about my day to day life. But hearing the first topic of debate was about Christmas (all my friends know of my absolute love and infantile excitement of Christmas!), I found myself doing the unimaginable…well for me anyway!

I don’t really understand why or how I ended up calling into the show and speaking to the very friendly researchers, who after deciding I had something interesting to say put me ‘live on air’ to Matthew!

Now the content of what I said on air is hardly relevant, but the fact that I actually did it is. I’m going to be 40 in 3 weeks, I have a husband of 17yrs, 2 kids, a couple of part time jobs and the obligatory cat. Ringing into a TV programme and speaking live to the glorious Matthew in front of thousands of viewers, isn’t the type of thing I would ever do?!

So this morning I was impulsive, confident, decisive and believed in myself unequivocally (well for 20 mins or so) I even managed to use the 10 mins waiting time before I went on air, to press the R button on the Sky remote! So having watched my performance back from behind a cushion, I flushed with pride and reckon I was pretty damn good!

I know, I know I can see how this occurrence could be seen as completely uneventful for other people. But for me, for one day only, I’ve been brave, calm, coherent, listened too and managed to impress my husband, children and friends.

So I’m drifting off to sleep, with dreams of becoming the ‘next big thing’ in TV or radio and with a grin the size of the Cheshire cat on my face! And I realise that categorically the only person stopping me from achieving my dreams and challenging myself is…well me! My unusual day has finished with me feeling a huge surge in confidence and a renewed vigour as I enter my 40th year. I know there is more to me than being a wife, mother and my ‘pocket money’ jobs.

Today I scared myself and in doing so also did myself a ‘good deed’ …do you know what? …. I’d recommend it to everyone!

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