Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Seven Secrets !

Ok, so I was recently asked by maidinyorkshire what my seven most precious and closely guarded secrets were. So after much deliberation and hesitation, here they are. These are my seven secrets that absolutley NOBODY knows about me (except Doris the cat).

Hopefully you'll read and enjoy but please, please, please don't tell Mr PB !

Ok so here goes, remember... shhhh!!...

1) I always buy pyjamas with bottoms that look like joggers, this is so that I can shove on a pair of trainers, wear them on the school run, and pretend I’m going straight to the gym after school drop off!

2) I hide ALL the chocolate on the highest shelf of the fridge so my 9-yr. old can’t reach it. Sadly though, she’s now taken to dragging a dining room chair into the kitchen and pilfering it…. any ideas for new hiding places will be gratefully received!
3) When I'm out drinking with my hubby and our friends, I always ask for ready salted or salt and vinegar crisps as these are the only 2 flavours that my hubby doesn’t like! It's not that I'm selfish, it's just that for once it’s lovely to have food that nobody else wants to ‘share’ (hubby) or stick their fingers in to ‘try’ (kids)!

4 ) I regularly buy supermarket clothes (only the classy looking ones, of course) so I can sneak them into my wardrobe and pretend that I’ve had them for years. I mean, hubby need never know just
exactly how much I spend on clothes and hey he can hardly argue with a food shopping bill…however large, can he!

5) I squeeze the toothpaste straight into my mouth and not onto my brush…but I’d never ever do this if I were staying at a friends house…honest!

6) Without doubt, I always head for the most decrepit looking cashier in a supermarket…this is in the vain hope of being asked for ID whilst buying alcohol, painkillers or even cutlery! What's more, it works... I’m 40 in 2 weeks and so far I’ve been asked for id four times this year…RESULT!

7) Sometimes, when emptying my 16yr old daughters wash basket…I just spray her clothes with fabreeze, re fold and plonk them back on her bed…hey they seriously don’t need washing and ironing after being worn for only 5 hours do they! 

Now don't forget... no telling anyone... I trust my secrets are safe with you !!!


  1. I suspect your secrets won't be so secretive anymore, lol - love the jogging bottom one!

    CJ x

  2. Haha! I'm so going to remember number 7 for when mine are older!

  3. I agree number 7 must defo be remembered for when the time comes 

    Brilliant blog so very very true 

  4. MsDSpencer thank you for your kind words and so glad you enjoyed my secrets ! My daughter is now wise to No 7 lol so I'll need to invent more cunning ways of sneaking her clothes back in her wardrobe! xxx